In Sight of Mount Monadnock: Honorable Mention, New Millennium Writings, 39th Contest

Ebb Tide: Third Place, Writer Advice Flash Fiction Contest, 2014; Honorable Mention, New Milleneum Writings, 37th Contest

Intersection, Late Afternoon: Winner, Vestal Review Ten Years in Flash Fiction Contest, 2011 Guest Judge Steve Almond wrote:

"This story was a small miracle to me. I'm still not sure how the author managed to pack so much insight and compassion into one roiling sentence. What I admired most was the brave turn away from the cliché of a dead marriage, and toward the sacred vault of memories that live inside all of us, those places we visit in order to survive the petty punishments of our present. This story convinced me to accept one of life's hardest lessons: that love is not about watching the fireworks, but surviving the small, endless detonations of disappointment with our gratitude intact."